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EIN for non U.S. resident

Who is it for?

This package is for non U.S. residents who need EIN:

  • No need for ITIN
  • No need to travel to the U.S.
  • For non U.S. residents


What is an Employer Identification Number?

An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a unique number assigned to your business by the Internal Revenue Service that is used to identify a business entity, allowing you to file business income tax returns. Some other common names for an EIN are a "FEIN," "E.I.N. Number," "employer identification number," or "Federal Tax ID".


Much like an Social Security Number would identify an individual or sole proprietor (taxpayer identification number), an EIN will be used by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to identify a business entity for taxation. Unlike SSNs, They are considered to be less sensitive, so they are often used by entrepreneurs as their identification on government forms and official documents, since there is much less risk of identity theft.


Does a single member LLC benefit from an EIN?

A single member LLC can also file for an EIN for their business, although generally it is not required. A single member LLC is considered a disregarded entity by the IRS and is treated as a sole proprietorship, so all income is passed to the owners. However, you can use either your SSN or EIN when receiving 1099-MISC income. Just make sure to report all these 1099-MISCs under your Schedule C since they all relate to your LLC business income.. This can provide added protection for your SSN, especially in cases where you may be providing W-9s to multiple businesses. If your LLC purchases property, or pays excise taxes, you may also use your EIN.


When should I file an EIN?

The best time to file an EIN for your business is after it has been legally formed. When you apply for an EIN, the IRS assumes that your business is already in existence.


Do you guarnatee approval of EIN?

Yes, we do! it is 100% guaranteed or your full money back.


Which documents do we need?

  • Copy of your Articles of Incorproation / Organization
  • Copy of your ID or passport
  • Your mailing address


What does it include?

Form SS4 - EIN application

Form 2848 - Power of attorney 

CP575 / 147c - EIN confirmation letter

EIN for non U.S. resident

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