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What happens after you place your order?


We email you your order confirmation to verify the information. You may make changes to your order.

Same day

Same day


We assign a dedicated incorporation expert to your company, appoint a registered agent and mailing address to your company.


We prepare your company formation filing documents and email you to sign

Same day

Same day


We file your company formation paperwork with the state, pay the filing fees, and track the progress until it is approved.


We will email you your filing confirmation "Certificate of Organization" and a pre-filled EIN application that you need to sign.

24-48 hours

with expedite service

20-30 days

with standard service

Same day


We submit your EIN ("Tax ID Number") application to the IRS and follow up until it's approved.


Once your EIN is approved by the IRS, we will email you your "EIN Confirmation Letter"

14 days

with expedite service

45-60 days

with standard service

7-10 days


We will assign a banking expert to assist you with your online bank account application until it is approved by the bank.


Congratulations! Your company is now up and running, and your bank account is open.

Same day

Same day


We email you your "e-Corporate Kit", which includes all the important documents for your business.


Unlimited support! You get unlimited support from our team of experts for any question about your business.

365 days

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