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ChatNRA $5K
Business Grant

ChatNRA will award 3 grants to our community business members this year. Apply today!

Business Grant
Who can apply?
You must meet the three following requirements to apply


A current customer. At least 18 years old. And have used the ChatNRA formation services within the last 3 to 6 months within the current calendar year.


A U.S.-registered private entity must provide goods or services that have a positive impact on the community.


Each customer may submit one application per calendar year. If you have previously won this award, you are not eligible to apply.

Annual Grant Awards

Customers who are eligible may apply to be one of the grantees chosen for the current calendar year.

Grantees receive a financial award of $5,000 (cash or cash equivalent) to help scale your business. 

ChatNRA Board of Advisory will announce the grantees during February of the following year.

When is the deadline to apply for a grant?

The ChatNRA Grant Competition is open to all members of the ChatNRA business community who meet the requirments. Applications are accepted from January 1 to December 31 of the calendar year. The Grants Committee will review the applications in January of the following year and decide who will be the grantees. The Board of Advisors will announce the grantees in February.

How do you select the grantees?

The grant selection process has three steps:

An initial screening to ensure that the applicant meets the eligibility requirements.

An evaluation by the staff of our grants committee of your application and the positive impact your business has on the community.

The committee will choose the applications that are most aligned with the ChatNRA mission and have the greatest potential to make a positive impact.

How will I be contacted or know if I will receive a grant?

Grantees will be notified by email and phone (to verify). Recipient must provide their EIN Number (if applicable) & banking details to receive the award via wire transfer. 

If a winner, the recipient agrees to an on-camera interview :)

By submitting an application, each entrant grants ChatNRA permission to use their individual name, entity name, photograph, application submission and content, ChatNRA account information, biography information, etc. for advertising, promotion, or publicity purposes in perpetuity and without any royalties owed. If a winner, the recipient agrees to an on-camera interview.

ChatNRA $5K Business Grant Program

Apply now to get $5,000 in funding to start, run, and grow your business.

Kevin Sanchez-Alvarez
Rebecca Cohen

Rebecca Cohen

Co-founder, Onboardly

Kevin Sanchez-Alvarez

Co-founder, Onboardly

Onboardly, LLC

We are honored to be a member of the ChatNRA business community. We are excited to use this grant to expand our business into the US market, specifically in the areas of marketing and business development.

Apply Now

Thanks for applying!

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