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Company Formation Partner:

4.9/5.0 ★★★★★

TAX-USA, the world's largest Tax firm for Non U.S. Residents. Established 2004 | 200k+ filings | 4.8/5.0 ★ Verified Reviews


Established in 2004. TAXUSA Group has helped over 200,000 founders, business owners and tax payers during the last 18 years with incorporation, banking solutions, tax filing and tax strategy planning. 


TAXUSA has a team of experienced incorporation and tax professionals who are familiar with the company formation, banking and tax laws for non-US residents. They maintain the highest customer satisfaction rate in the industry.

It is  the largest online platform for Non-U.S.-Residents and an Authorized IRS e-file provider since 2004. Verify TAX USA INC at the IRS Website >

Tax Filing Partner:

+200k ★Tax Filing

We selected as our trusted partner for tax filing due to their impressive credentials as a professional tax filing firm with a remarkable track record of over 10,000s tax filings over the last 18 years.


Their extensive experience speaks volumes about their expertise and reliability in this field. Notably, their specialization in assisting non-US residents adds a crucial layer of understanding to our users' unique tax situation.


With, we are confident in their ability to navigate the complexities of tax filing.

Their proven history of excellence aligns perfectly with our need for a proficient and dependable partner to handle our tax matters effectively.

U.S. banking Partner :

100K+ startups

We opted for Mercury as our chosen US banking partner due to their exceptional reputation and offerings in the financial sector.


With their commitment to modernizing banking for startups and businesses, Mercury aligns perfectly with our dynamic needs. Their innovative technology-driven approach, including features like virtual banking and easy-to-use interfaces, ensures seamless and convenient banking operations.


Mercury's dedication to security and compliance further solidifies our trust in their services, providing us with the confidence that our financial matters are in safe hands.


By partnering with Mercury, we are equipped with a forward-looking banking solution that caters precisely to our users and sets the foundation for your financial success.

Payment Solution Partner:

FinTech50 ★award


We have partnered with as our chosen payment solution provider to extend top-notch payment solutions to our users.


Renowned for its commitment to simplifying international money transfers and currency exchange, perfectly aligns with our aim to offer seamless and efficient payment services to our users.


Their innovative platform, designed with user-friendliness in mind, ensures that our users can navigate through transactions with ease.'s unwavering dedication to security and compliance further solidifies our confidence in their services, guaranteeing that our users' financial transactions remain safeguarded. "Get your money moving internationally. Save up to 5x when you send with Wise."

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