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Share Your News with the World! Publish an Amazing Press Release to 400+ News Sites and Reach Millions With One Click.

Our easy press release distribution service gets your company noticed by potential customers and media outlets, giving you a strong start in the U.S. market. Get published on Google News, Search Engines & over 400+ NBC, FOX, ABC & CBS affiliate sites and other new sites.

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How It Works

We write your story. Then publish on 400+ news and social media sites. Then send you a report with all the active links. You see results in less than 7 days



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We will write the perfect news story to promote your brand.




We publish your story on iInfluence top sites and build brand awarenes



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You get a full report with links and "as seen on" trust badge. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Do I need to be a US citizen or live in the US to start my LLC or open my US bank account?
    No, you don't! Non-US residents can form LLCs and open business bank accounts remotely, from anywhere, unlocking worldwide opportunities for your entrepreneurial dreams!
  • Which documents do I need to provide to open your U.S. LLC?
    To open your U.S. LLC we need: Copy of your passport from a NON restricted country. To open your U.S. business bank account you need: U.S. Company with EIN (both are included in our LLC packages) Foreign passport from non restricted country A business website that describes which products or services you sell , info about the owner / team and contact information. If you do not have a website, we can still try to open your account, but we can't guarantee approval. And ; Important: If you applied to any USA bank account before please let us know to which bank and through which agency
  • What are the restricted countries?
    Belarus Burundi Central African Republic Crimea Cuba Democratic Republic of the Congo Iran Iraq Lebanon Liberia Libya Nicaragua North Korea Pakistan Russia Somalia South Sudan Sudan Syria Venezuela Yemen Zimbabwe
  • Can I start a U.S. TAX FREE Company?
    Yes, you can start your US TAX FREE LLC from anywhere in the world. Tax free LLC is a U.S. company incorporated in a $0 state tax: New Mexico, Wyoming, Delaware or Florida. With tax free LLC, You pay $0 U.S. tax if you meet these conditions: 1. All owners are non U.S. citizens / residents 2. There are no U.S. employees 3. There is no warehouse or shipping facility in the U.S. What can you do with TAX FREE LLC? 1. Generate income and pay 0% U.S. tax 2. Get paid by U.S. and non U.S. customers using a U.S. bank account with U.S. Routing number and International SWFIT number 3. Send funds to other business and personal accounts worldwide in non restricted countries. To start your company:
  • What is an EIN?
    An Employer Identification Number (EIN), also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number, is your business's unique tax ID. Think of it like a Social Security number for your company. It's required by many banks, the IRS, and other institutions for operating a business in the US. With an EIN, you can open business bank accounts, use payment gateways, and file taxes smoothly.
  • Do I need ITIN?
    An Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) can be used as an alternative for a Social Security Number (SSN). # No need for ITIN ✈ No need to be in the U.S 👮No need for U.S. Visa (B1/B2) # No need for Social Security Number
  • How much it cost?
    How much it cost? Starter - $199 + State Fee Premium- $399 + State Fee Save $$$ on Taxes: Dedicated CPA (2 hours / yr): Our Premium Package, with its dedicated CPA guidance, has helped clients like you save an average of $55k/year on taxes. Guaranteed U.S. Bank Account: 2 Guaranteed U.S. Bank Accounts, Dedicated CPA (2 hours / yr), 2 U.S. Debit Cards Dedicated Banking Specialist support until you get approved. Top Features: Fastest Filing Speed U.S. LLC Formation U.S. Mailing Address Registered Agent / 1yr Employer ID Number (EIN) Operating Agreement U.S. Bank Account (Premium: 2 Guaranteed U.S. Bank Accounts, Dedicated CPA (2 hours / yr)) Worry-Free Compliance For more information:
  • How long it takes?
    How long it takes? Normal processing time: (no extra fee). Company registration in 20-30 days. EIN processing: 45-60 days (depending on the IRS). Bank account: 7-10 days. Expedite processing time: (additional fee may apply). Company Registration in 1-3 days, in most cases in 24 hours. EIN processing: 14 days (depending on the IRS). Bank account: 7-10 days. We recommend that you choose the expedite processing time option if you need your account set up quickly. The expedite processing time is the fastest way available to get your company registered, your EIN, and your bank account set up. The expedite processing time option does come with an additional fee of \$50, but we believe that it is worth it for the peace of mind of knowing that your company, EIN and bank account will be set up quickly and reliably.
  • What should my story be about?
    Here are some press release goldmines: Newsworthy Launches: Announce exciting product/service updates, website refreshes, or store openings! Brand Milestones: Did you win an award? Hit a sales target? Celebrate your success! Big News: Company changes, location expansions, or financial achievements – share it! Upcoming Events: Generate buzz about conferences, workshops, or product demos! Team Powerhouse: Announce key staff hires, promotions, or team expansions! Focus on your brand story, not sales or promotions.
  • How can I file my annual tax report?
    What can you do here? ✓ Use AI Guide to learn about U.S. Taxes ✓ File your LLC Tax Reports ✓ File your Corporation Tax Reports ✓ Consult with tax Experts We offer complete tax filing package for: Single Member LLCs: Multi Member LLCs: Corporations

Get Noticed, Get Sales!

Boost brand awareness & attract qualified leads with powerful press releases. Grow your site traffic & sales today!

4.8/5.0 ★★★★★ Verified

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